Thursday, October 18, 2012

OceanBlue manuals

The use and care manual for the OceanBlue Vacuum can be downloaded from the link below.  For other OceanBlue product manuals (such as for the shampooer, power nozzle, or steam cleaner) you can find them on the OceanBlue website.

- OceanBlue Vacuum use and care manual


  1. How can you fix the hose on the ocean blue?

    1. It depends on what's wrong with it. If it has insufficient suction, you may just need to clean it out. If it has a hole, you may be able to patch it, but it might be worth it to spring for a new hose.

      Bottom line: It depends. Hoses are easy to replace and if you can find one that's not too expensive, you may be better off going that route. For a hose immersed in water, you'll have to make sure that if you patch it, your patch is airtight and will hold as the hose moves and flexes.